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Jérôme Feck : the small soldier of the fire becomes star of the furnaces

Instead of proudly wearing his white chef’s uniform and his hat, Jérôme Feck could have worn the blue uniform and helmet F1 of the soldiers of the fire. When, as a teenager, this native of Haute-Marne decided to go into cooking studies, it was only to have a diploma in hopes of integrating the body of firefighters.

At the age of nine, I joined the firefighters in my village on the plateau of Langres. To be a professional day, it was absolutely necessary to have studied. So I went into the kitchen.

Explains the chief. Difficult to imagine that it is therefore a bit out of spite that Jerome started his professional career.

The young man made his first cookery as an apprentice at the Grand Hotel de Langres before continuing his studies alternately in two other establishments in the region. Once his BEP and his CAP in pocket rings the time of the choice. Pursue in the kitchen or try the adventure among the soldiers of the fire? Finally, Jérôme chooses the first option and moves towards pastry.

It’s surely my greedy side who spoke.

He then joined a renowned professional from his native region, Paul Henry. Jérôme Feck is passionate about his job. At 19, this is the first hiring. Jerome becomes a pastry chef at the Cheval Blanc in Langres. After a new experiment on the side of the Der-Chantecoq, the future leader discovers the world of the stars at Foch, in Reims. A new year passes, then comes the meeting with Philippe Augé, who then arrives in Champagne to take back the kitchens of the Royal Champagne, on the heights of Champillon.

Jérôme Feck is hired as half-party leader in 2001. Six years later, he leaves the Royal Champagne as assistant to the leader. Desirous to question and perfect his training while staying in the region, Jerome then joined the only star of Epernay, the Cradles. He worked for three years alongside Chef Patrick Michelon and his second, Maurice Lefondeur. In 2010, a new opportunity emerges when its former leader Philippe Augé, who officiates at the Hostellerie de Levernois in Beaune (Gold Coast), solicits him.

Jérôme Feck occupies his last post of second in this complex Relais & Chateau with three restaurants. Then, in 2014, he returned to Champagne to become chef at La Briqueterie. And it is on January 1, 2017 that he settled in command of the Hotel d’Angleterre.

Father of two children and married to Anne, Jérôme Feck truly flourishes in his professional world. He does not regret his choice for cooking.

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